6 Reasons I Miss Drinking

Wine is sunlight, held together by water.
— Galileo Galilei

I totally miss drinking.

Well, more specifically, I totally miss drinking water. 

Well, more specifically, I totally miss drinking “Water-Plus”. Call me dorky, but I miss my portable, handy-yet-sexy little Motive Pure bottles: Pocket-sized gifts. I could really use them here during this most beautiful and wonderful of two-month experiences in Italia...

Travel is romantic, relaxing, refreshing, exhilarating...

And travel is so different from the routine of “real life”.


Here are six reasons to focus on HYDRATING YO-SELF (and, ideally, hydrating with “Water-Plus”) during travel--and six quick fixes for (*GASp!) dehydration that literally sucks you dry:


The Flight

Low cabin humidity in flight + alcohol and caffeine to help make those long-distance flights more bearable + the fact that travelers tend to drink less water than usual anyway = Dehydration, dudes and dudettes. Guess what? Water helps you stay hydrated. (I know: Mindblowing...)

Quick Fix: Buy a ginormous bottle post-security, or you will end up bothering the flight attendant for tiny cup after tiny cup of water for hours on end. Hydrate yo-self.


The Jetlag

Dehydration increases jet lag. Think about it: You’re already exhausted and foggy and all out of sorts—and you might even feel ill, with a headache and/or nausea. Staying hydrated is an amazingly simple way to decrease these symptoms, so that you are rarin’ to get your vacay-groove on ASAP.

Quick Fix: Buy a ginormous bottle as soon as you get off the plane and drink it throughout the day. Start the habit at the beginning of your trip, and you might be more likely to return to it…? Realistic optimism, people. Hydrate yo-self.


The Diet

You eat differently when you travel. You want to experience the food of the culture, you want to enjoy yourself, you want to allow yourself a change from your usual habits. And you probably want to drink more alcohol. 

For example, here in Italy, you sprinkle (really delicious and high-quality) salt on most foods. You have bread + another carb with most, if not all, meals. You also have cheese. A lot of cheese. And you drink wine with at least one meal every day. When in Rome...

Guess what? Water helps your body process those changes, especially if you normally focus on eating a particular way because it makes you feel good.

Quick Fix: Give a new meaning to “double-fisting”. Start each meal with a glass of water and keep refilling your glass throughout the meal, or whenever you have a snack. You know how those wine glasses magically refill over and over again? Try to refill your water glass just as much. Hydrate yo-self.


The Energy (or lack thereof)

Let me just be real and put this bluntly: I feel like a lazy slob in Italy. And my mental state is, well, slightly fuzzier. As someone usually go-go-going both physically and mentally, I feel like I have fallen down the rabbit hole into some cozier version of Wonderland…

The pace here is slower, and I am wholeheartedly with you: Vacation means resting and relaxing and getting out of your usual routine.

That said, I personally cannot stand feeling lethargic (as I do here in Italy, ha ha! Ah well…) And when I’m hydrated, I have more energy and motivation to move more, and I am less prone to illness and discomfort.

Quick Fix: Carry a water bottle around with you if you are out and about, or just keep a glass handy as often as possible if you are at home, etc. Hydrate yo-self.


The Movement (or lack thereof)

Forget TMI: I like to poop. You like to poop. We all like to poop.

But traveling can throw a wrench in that daily pleasure:

  • You have a different physical movement situation (or lack thereof).
  • You have a different eating situation.
  • You might have the whole Bashful Bowel situation. (You know how you sometimes feel…blocked up…when away from home? Yeah. That’s a thing. Poop apparently scares easily.)

Bring these three situations together, and you have the Perfect Storm of Seriously Confused Bowels.

Guess what? Water helps keep things moving.

Quick Fix: Drink more water. (* See previous Quick Fixes)


In short: Everything is different. Upside down, inside out, and through the Looking Glass.

In short: Drink more water. Hydrate yo-self!


And throw in some “Plus” factor! Motive Pure just happens to help with jet lags, hangovers, low energy, illness, mental fuzziness…Electrolytes are magical additions to regular hydration. 


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