It took me a while to decide to get myself a personal trainer – and little did I know that I was about to get so much more than that!

For the folks on the East Coast, the 2014 winter had almost managed to break our spirits, and by spring I felt my body had become so stiff and I was in so much discomfort, I had no choice but to get my derrière back to the gym. Mind you, I was not your regular gal in her early 40’s in the midst of a mid-life crisis that suddenly needed to look like Jillian Michaels - I had real issues: Fibromyalgia, a frozen shoulder syndrome and a partially fused lower back with a titanium prosthetic disc between L5 and S1. Having a new high-stress job in New York City was the cherry on the top of it all.

But then, I met Jamie. And I could just as well end my review right here – I met Jamie. She is a holistic personal trainer with a great capacity for ACTIVE listening – to both you and your body. She is sensible and sensitive in her approach, being able to push your limits to the next level while still respecting them. She is very knowledgeable, but interweaves her uncanny intuition with all she has learned. And if you’ve had a rough day and are venting like a maniac throughout the session, she is perfectly able to gracefully hold the space for you while correcting your posture at the same time.

Jamie was a Godsend. And yes!, the results are showing already: Much more balance, mobility and strength. (I’m so getting my delts back!!!). My advice to y’all is simple: Get her while you can.

Thank you, Jamie!
— Adriane Manhaes
Jamie is a fantastic personal trainer. She’s very detail oriented and really took the time to understand my personal goals and how best to attack them head on from a holistic perspective.
— DC
We are 31-year-old working and married professionals. We met Jamie through Equinox when Glen was looking for someone to help him use a machine. Jamie was very kind and helpful. She not only showed us how to use the machine but went on to give us several more useful tips. We decided to start some trial sessions.

After 12 sessions, we saw clear improvement, especially in terms of strength and endurance. The results were so good that we decided to sign up for another 12 sessions.

The most enjoyable part of our training with Jamie was that she was able to customize our workouts for our individual goals. For Glen, Jamie incorporated a lot of core strength exercises to help his sitting and standing posture for work. For Julie, Jamie worked in several barre exercises into her sessions to tone up the areas Julie wanted to target.

Jamie also made key nutrition and diet recommendations for us. Her holistic approach to personal training delivers real results, and better yet, it makes working out a lot of fun! We wholeheartedly recommend Jamie.
— G and J
My time with Jamie Wolff is the most positive of my day. She is supportive, understanding, and listens to my needs, all while whooping my ass.
— AbigailNYC
Thank you, Jamie, for getting me into such great shape for my wedding. I ran three miles yesterday morning before things got started and danced all night. I felt limber and agile all day and never got tired. Yes—I am an excellent trainee—as you have pointed out. But you are a superlative coach
— RO
From the moment I met Jamie, I knew signing up for PT with her was the best way to accomplish my prenatal fitness goals. She’s exceptionally competent and has made me feel comfortable, confident and more fit than I thought was possible at this time in my life. I have not had one moment of back pain since starting with her, and my doctor is pleased with my weight progression and overall shape. She has encouraged me to keep working with Jamie through the remainder of my pregnancy.
— JA
Jamie Wolff has an intuitive understanding of her clients. This insight extends from an understanding to the exercise that will bring pain relief to the client’s willingness to regularly perform an exercise regimen. It’s been a pleasure working with such a competent trainer.
— ST
I started working with Jamie following an injury. Her holistic approach to fitness guided me through a workout routine that helped to restore my confidence. Because of her efforts, I am stronger and more flexible, I have better balance. Most importantly Jamie retrained my attitude towards fitness as a life long journey. I recommend her without reservation. Onward and upward!
— MM