Fit & Fun Drinks: Alcohol, Coffee, and Water Made Healthier

Red, black, Green, and Motive Pure: alcohol, coffee, and water made healthier.

That’s my message this week.

A simple story to open the discussion:

After a recent workout with a friend, she laughed and said, “Now I’m going off to a happy hour…Am I just negating everything we just did?”

My answer: “It’s better than just going to a happy hour without exercising, right?”

At the expense of going against the fitness grain, I always go back to 3 things:

  1. Make better choices.
  2. Take tiny steps.
  3. Put it in perspective.


  • You are constantly told to drink more water.
  • You are told to limit caffeine.
  • You are told to cut down on the booze.
  • And you are told to cut calories where you can.


  • Water gets boring.
  • You need at least one morning java.
  • You love your beer, or wine, or cocktails, or whatever alcohol floats your boat.
  • And you know that, over time, excess adds up.

Good grief! This whole “drinking for health”—or “not drinking for health”—sounds horrible, doesn’t it?

It doesn’t have to be that way. I agree with all of the first four statements. But my liquid situation is far from horrible. As always, it comes down to choosing a better alternative.

Here are three ways to drink “healthier”:


1: Go black (coffee) or green (tea).

My first (successful) attempt at paper-towel-filter coffee. Desperate times...

My first (successful) attempt at paper-towel-filter coffee. Desperate times...

Truth #1: You love your morning cup (as do I), and you don’t want to give it up.

Truth #2: Adding cream and sugar, or ordering a fun-and-fancy Starbucks “coffee drink” adds a lot of additional “stuff” that you don’t need. ("Drink” added to any beverage name is usually code for “Not really this beverage, but these chemicals sure taste kind of like it!”)


Truth #3: Coffee, in moderation, of course, has some potential benefits.

Truth #4: It’s one more small way to feel like a badass: “I’ll take mine black.” Woah. Look at you, so hardcore.

Truth #5: Green tea is a wonderful alternative.

I take my coffee black, dark roast, with cinnamon sprinkled on top. Because I like to feel like a badass, because the cinnamon adds a fun kick, and because I enjoy the taste of good coffee.

And because it is an exercise in mindfulness: Savoring that one cup of joe every morning is a beloved ritual that starts my day right.


2: Go red (wine).

I’m not going to spend a lot of room regaling you with the benefits of wine—and red wine in particular. I’m sure you have heard that buzz. So I will just make three simple points:

Red wine is a staple in the Wolff house.

Red wine is a staple in the Wolff house.

Truth #1: Wine is usually a better choice than other alcoholic beverages.

Truth #2: Red wine is usually the healthier wine choice.

Truth #3: As a wine-lover to the umpteenth degree, I say, “Cheers to health!”


3: Go Motive Pure (water).

Truth #1: Water gets boring.

Truth #2: Electrolytes are your friends. Whether or not you are an athlete, it is important to maintain a liquid/electrolyte balance to avoid both dehydration and overhydration. (Yes, overhydration is actually a thing). Electrolytes help your body use water more efficiently.

Truth #3: Sports drinks are typically chock-full of sugar and chemicals that your body doesn’t need or want.

Enter Motive Pure.

Many of you ask me to include recipes and products I use to make nutrition simpler and realistic. So, here is a gem I recently discovered. And those of you who know me well know that I don’t buy many supplements or jump on “trend bandwagons” easily.

So why did I jump on the Motive Pure wagon when the founder shared it with my team at Equinox several months ago?

  • Simplicity: Just electrolytes and a bit of stevia and natural flavor. (Electrolytes taste salty on their own, and who wants to guzzle salt water, am I right?)
  • Convenience: You can buy individual bottles, which you pour into your water bottle on-the-go, or bigger bottles to keep in the fridge.
  • Taste: It adds a hint of flavor to water, which encourages you to drink more—because it’s not boring.
  • Multipurpose: Energy. Exercise. Illness. Hangover. Overall daily health and goodness.


I am going to throw in a #4 here, just because I thought it was rather brilliant.

I recently worked with Motive Pure at my sister’s Indie Wineries event. Let me just say that it might have been one of the more brilliant ideas of my life: Electrolytes at a wine tasting.

Right?! It just makes so much sense. And people were grateful.

One gentleman, having a grand old time, meandered over to our Motive Pure table, saw the clear liquid samples, and said, “Is that vodka?”



So, as Healthy Drink Alternative #4: Vodka + Motive Pure Martini

Once, in Denver, I wanted to make martinis, and I only had three ingredients: Vodka. Lemons. Agave…Lemon Drop Martini.

Lemon-Lime, Berry, or Pink Lemonade Motive Pure + Vodka = Similar flavor without the sugar and with electrolytes.

It’s literally alcohol + nutrition in one.

I know. Mindblowing.

So, you see, you can have it all—in moderation and dependent on no other mitigating health factors, of course.

Go red, go black, go green, and go Motive Pure.