My #1 Ab Exercise

Let's be honest for a minute, here.

If a genie popped out of an ancient bottle right now and declared, "I will give you a six-pack! A flat stomach! Abs of steel!" probably wouldn't say no.

Abs are just one of those things that you covet. But they typically require some level of discipline to achieve. Yes, it's true: Abs are made in the kitchen. But you also have to exercise them in order to sculpt the muscles that you want to see if you are lean enough to see them.

Enter Leah Wolff.

When my sister was a pre-teen, she had abs of steel. And she never exercised, or watched what she ate. 

What did she do? She laughed. She laughed constantly, like it was her job.

Leah Wolff literally laughed her way to abs of steel.


You know how your abs actually hurt after laughing so hard for so long?

First of all, that might be the best feeling in the entire world.

Second of all, there is a reason for that.

My father's 60th birthday. It will probably go down in the History of Birthdays as one of the greatest ever.

Here are 3 reasons why laughter should count as exercise--and why you should do it more often:

  1. Laughter contracts the diaphragm, as well as the ab muscles. Consider it a mini-crunch...
  2. Laughter helps you to breathe effectively, forces you to exhale fully, and increases your heart rate--which is great cardio practice for your respiratory system.
  3. Laughter raises endorphins. Studies show that your laughter spikes endorphins, as does exercise. Same system. In other words, laughter improves your mood and enhances the "feel good" effects of working out, encouraging you to keep going. Talk about synchronicity in action!
  4. Laughter releases tension, stress, and all of those cortisol-related "ab flab" contributers. And, yes, avoiding excess ab flab is not just vanity: Carrying that weight around your midsection can be hazardous.
  5. Laughter is infectious, and your pain threshold seems to rise after laughing with someone. Exercising together has the same effect: It seems to raise your pain threshold--likely to spiked endorphins--thus pushing you further.

So. The moral of this little ditty:

Laugh more.

And spend more time with children--and other people in your life who laugh all the time.

You will feel better, (look better?), and probably live longer.